Bridging the Gap Between Education and the Educator

JELL-ED is proud to launch an organization designed specifically for dental hygiene educators to come together to learn, practice, and discuss the most important topics in dental and allied dental education. JELL-ED was founded by dental hygiene educators as a means to bridge the gap between instruction and the instructor.

Are you interested in becoming an allied dental health educator? This platform is for you too!

Our platform is a place for allied dental health educators to talk about relevant topics in the field; current trends in education, as well as for a chance to spend time collaborating with expert faculty members and peers

Why Jell-Ed Was Created

You may have already been to workshops, professional development courses, and continuing education classes that left you feeling like there was more to be desired - maybe it was lack of focus on real topics, lack of concentration on dental hygiene education, or lack of motivating, inspiring, faculty. At Jell-Ed, we are offering something that won’t leave you unsatisfied or wishing for more!

At Jell-ed, it is also our goal to foster an online community that dives deep into the issues impacting allied dental education and educators through real conversations and real stories community while providing a wide range of resources.  We want to help you to achieve the highest level of excellence as an allied dental educator. We want to bridge that gap between education and the educator!

Services We Offer

Jell-Ed offers a series of learning tracks that focus on educational methodology as well as critical issues impacting dental hygiene education through our monthly and quarterly Webinar series. 

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Jell-Ed prides itself with engaging with the dental hygiene educator community. One of the ways we engage is through or monthly and quarterly webinars and mastermind groups. These webinars and masterminds help attendees to enhance their knowledge, update their skills and implement new classroom techniques

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The benefits of faculty calibration are invaluable to ensure successful student learning outcomes. With our faculty calibration training, we focus on cognitive and technical approaches to teaching for clinical and didactic courses

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The dynamic faculty at Jell-Ed can help support you with your accreditation. We help to provide current and future program directors and faculty with specific information about preparing a self-study based on the CODA Standards of Accreditation. We can also help assess your program's compliance with CODA Standards and with its own stated goals and objectives.

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It is important for clinical instructors to align their teaching practices to achieve student learning objectives and overall program goals. Our clinical training methods focus on feedback , evaluation and assessment methods, along with remediation strategies

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We also offer:

  • Mastermind sessions to help meet the needs of professional development requirements and satisfy CODA standards
  • In-person or virtual faculty calibration for clinic, lab, and didactic courses and in all subjects
  • Assistance with OSCE integration into your curriculum
  • One on one training for syllabus, rubric, and competency development
  • CODA Preparation to include a mock site visit and document preparation (self-study, exhibits etc) Clinical Training

Jell-Ed is here to offer all the support services you need!

What do you want to learn about next?

We'd love to hear from you. If there is a topic you would like Jell-Ed to cover in an upcoming webinar or mastermind, please let us know!

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